Welcome to the Guestallery.
This is artwork done by others for me!
Thank you!

Metahari by Elf!! First Guest Art!

This is a lovely rendition of Metahari, by Elf Yeah! The first Guest Art piece of Metahari! Thankyou Elf!

Metahari and her Funky fan!
Elf is increasingly kind and ever so talented! wow! Thanks!

Metahari Comic Realism!
Tori wanted to try out something new, and came up with something amazing!! Gracias!

Hey new gift art!!

Gift Art from Duoae
I cheered Duoae up one day, and he wanted to thank me. He said he did this in red pen, so I changed it to red.

Metahari by Zara!
Wow, I was really surprised that Zara made me a pic! Way cool!

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